We don’t know how to feel about this. Outer Banks actor Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ on the hit Netflix teen drama, says there’s a chance for a JJ and Kiara romance in season 2

*Spoiler alert.* Considering Kiara, played by actor Madison Bailey, ends up with Pope, played by actor Jonathan Daviss, we’re not so sure we ship her with JJ. If anything, we thought Kiara would end up with John B, played by Chase Stokes, but of course, he and Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, are just too perfect together. 

Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey
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“I can see season 2 JJ maybe trying out a new dynamic and kind of hiding it from the Pogues being like, ‘I kind of have feelings for this person, but I’m not going to tell anybody,’” Rudy, 21, told Us Weekly. Could that person be Kiara? Well, some fans have reached out to Rudy on social media to suggest it. 

The Alaska native thinks “it’s cute,” but he’s not so sure it will happen “immediately” next season. “And I know some people would be a little mad at me for saying that, but I think just to have Kiara go from John B to Pope to then JJ within two seasons would be a little, like, she wants all three of them. So I think it’d be a little much,” Rudy added.

That’s true! Kiara was pretty adamant about the whole “Pogues don’t date other Pogues” rule. However, with a show like Outer Banks, you can always expect the unexpected. 

“But I think the end game, the end game of the OBX, I can see JJ and Kiara being like, ‘All right there’s something here,’” he concluded. “Because it starts out with JJ saying that he had tried getting with Kiara. So, who knows?”

As it stands, Outer Banks has yet to announce a season 2. However, given its current popularity, we have no doubt it will get the green light soon enough!

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