Boyfriend goals! Jenna Dewan gushed over how Steve Kazee is spoiling her during pregnancy. The couple announced on September 24 that they were expecting their first child together — the dancer also shares her 6-year-old daughter, Everly, with ex-husband Channing Tatum. It sounds like the Broadway stud has really stepped up for his expectant girlfriend. “Steve is like an incredible partner and he is like so caring, so loving and he takes care of me. It is the best,” Jenna raved about her doting beau.

“[He] massages my feet … and rubs my back,” the 38-year-old detailed about the Tempting Fate star’s sweet gestures while hosting a Mamarazzi event at Mr. Purple in NYC. “He is the kind of guy that thinks about it ahead of time — I know what she will need. I don’t know, he is a rare breed. I don’t even know where I found him. He is amazing.” We’re so not jealous or anything …

Jenna Dewan Boyfriend Steve Kazee Gives Her Massages During Pregnancy

The actor, 43, has been there every step of the way — even in the not so pretty moments of Jenna’s second pregnancy. “I was a lot more nauseous this time around. With Evie, it was like nothing. This child, [the] first trimester, I was like, it wasn’t even morning sickness — it was 24/7 sickness,” she divulged. “But also, I think I am more relaxed because I know the process, I know what is coming … I kind of forgot a lot of things too so it’s more fun to remember.”

Jenna confessed that having another kiddo to attend to has been exhausting. “I have a six-year-old that takes all of my time and energy. So I am, like, why am I so tired this time? I am tired and I was like, ‘Oh right because I am chasing Evie,'” she quipped. “You’re still a mom. You don’t get to be like, ‘I am pregnant so hold on, I am going to take some time.’ Your life just keeps going. So that has been more of an energy adjustment and I am working on top of it so it takes … more and more time to recharge myself.”

Despite the challenges, Jenna has been making pregnancy look effortless. Keep slaying, mama!