Heating up! Steve Kazee gushed about his girlfriend, Jenna Dewan, during a recent flight and it sounds like she also makes an excellent travel companion. He shared a slew of videos of the two jetting off somewhere on August 6, which included a few laughs and a lot of cuddling. It’s obvious that the actor is head-over-heels for the World of Dance star and it looks like the feeling is totally mutual. The actress even snuck over to her hunky beau’s seat to snuggle a bit during the long flight.

“My next door neighbor on this plane is hot,” the 43-year-old actor joked as he lowered the partition to reveal the brunette beauty, 38. Later while they were in the air, Steve recorded himself lounging with Jenna laying on his chest. “These pods are only for one person. You’re supposed to be in your pod,” he began the hilarious video while his lady love giggled.

Jenna Dewan on Steve Kazee Instagram Story
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He kept on messing with the Step Up star, who seemed to thoroughly be enjoying his little nook on the plane. “So, did you think you could just come over to my pod?” he inquired as Jenna nodded. His questions continued as he asked, “Did you ask the flight attendant?” The Witches of East End actress revealed that she did not ask permission, but who could blame her for wanting to get close to her hot man?

“Would you like me to leave?” Jenna asked joining in on the joke. Steve quickly responded, “No! It’s helping with my flight anxiety.”

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The past few days haven’t been easy but losing a fur friend never is. There have been tears of sorrow, tears of joy, laughter, longing, and every emotion in-between. Today though…today was a good day.

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The couple’s relationship is clearly progressing into more serious territory. Steve posted a photo of Jenna smiling at a dog while enjoying a sunny day on July 7 and captioned it “True love.” Fans adore their sweet romance. “The universe is smiling down on u! I can’t wait to watch what an amazing life u [guys] have,” one person commented. Someone else added, “This is my new fave couple!!”

Keep being the cutest, you two!