Setting the record straight. Nikki Bella responded to a follower who seemingly accused her of snubbing her brother JJ Garcia’s wife, Lauren, in her Mother’s Day Instagram post.

“I wrote in-laws, so blessed. So blessed to have so many,” the pregnant 36-year-old clapped back on Sunday, May 10, when a fan questioned why her sister-in-law wasn’t mentioned in her tribute. “My cousins have always been like siblings. Goodness, [I] feel bad I didn’t write my best friends’ names too! I only wrote besties. They are the closest people to me besides Brie [Bella] and my cousin Kristin. Next time, I’ll do that so there are no negative comments. Crazy what people interrupt from a Mother’s Day post.”

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Nikki posted a sweet roundup of photos to commemorate the special ladies in her life. “Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, nana, my sister Brie, my cousins, my in-laws, my besties, my Bella Army mamas and all the moms and little ones that crave being a mother,” she began her shout-out.

She also gushed over her “kicking” baby and noted how excited she is to officially celebrate Mother’s Day next year.

The brunette beauty and her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, announced they’re expecting their first child in January. Despite enjoying this time, Nikki has has had to overcome some challenges in her pregnancy, including getting used to her changing body.

Nikki Bella
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Nikki Bella
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“You, I think, look at yourself in the mirror a lot differently than [other] people do, and I think, you know, also being in the spotlight, it just double adds,” the soon-to-be mom revealed to Life & Style. Thankfully, she has Brie, who told her “letting go of vanity” is essential during this time.

“So, Brie is just constantly reminding me, ‘You’re pregnant. Vanity doesn’t even exist anymore,’ and is trying to just have me be present and appreciate these changes, and it’s tough,” Nikki added.

Fortunately, her baby makes it all worth it for her. “When I see my baby, it’s crazy how all that goes away,” the reality star said.

We can’t wait for her Nikki to welcome her baby in the summer!