For years, he was the world’s most eligible bachelor, playfully dubbed the “party prince” by the press. But now that Prince Harry is happily engaged to Meghan Markle, 36, those wild days are over. The man who was once caught on camera playing strip billiards in Las Vegas says he now enjoys “cozy nights in, in front of the television, cooking dinner with it just being the two of us by ourselves in our little cottage.”

But with the wedding just four months away, Harry is about to enjoy one last epic blast. “Prince William is planning a bachelor party for Harry in Verbier [Switzerland],” an insider tells In Touch. “The posh ski resort is a longtime favorite of the royals, especially the younger generation.” And William, 35, is going all-out for his little brother, 33. “The whole trip,” estimates the insider, “will cost about $1 million!”

prince harry and meghan markle engagement getty images

One of Harry and Meghan’s official engagement portraits.

They’ll arrive in luxury. “William is flying Harry and 15 of his pals out to the Swiss Alps on a private jet that will be stocked with champagne, beer, and snacks to enjoy on the journey,” explains the insider, adding that William will hire a chef to cook all their meals, including five-course dinners. “He’s also hiring a masseuse to give massages after skiing.”

The royal party won’t be staying at any old hotel, either. “Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew has offered them his $20 million, seven-bedroom chalet to crash at while they’re in Verbier, though William is worried it won’t be large enough for everyone and is thinking about renting an additional multimillion-dollar pad,” adds the insider. “He’ll also pay to put up security and staff in a separate chalet.”

Harry and his pals will spend their days in the snow and their nights in the club. “It’ll be an action-packed weekend with endless activities to choose from, including skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, heli-skiing, and ice karting,” explains the insider. “But with all the bars and nightclubs the village has to offer, the activities after skiing are as important as the skiing itself!”

William, who was famously caught on camera “dad dancing” to ’90s hip-hop music in a Verbier club during a guys-only ski trip last year, is already figuring out where they’ll spend their booze-fueled nights. “They’ll start their evenings downing shots of tequila — Harry’s favorite drink — and Jägerbombs while playing games like Cards Against Humanity and Never Have I Ever,” says the insider.

One thing William’s not planning? “They won’t be partying with strippers,” says the insider, “but there will undoubtedly be girls throwing themselves at Harry.” Meghan trusts that he’ll behave, but Queen Elizabeth II isn’t so convinced. “She calls William ‘the sensible one’ and has already ordered him to keep a watchful eye on Harry.”

But William won’t let anything spoil the fun. “He wants Harry to have a bachelor party he’ll never forget,” says the insider. “After all, you only get married once!”