Here comes the bride! With Priyanka Chopra’s wedding to Nick Jonas right around the corner, it’s time to reveal the most important thing of all: Her registry. OK, maybe not the *most* important, but definitely the most fun!

Being that the former Quantico actress is such a down to earth lady, we weren’t entirely surprised to see that her registry includes gifts for her beloved dog, Diana Chopra. Who, by the way, has her very own Instagram account! 

Priyanka’s registry includes not one, not two, but a whopping four gifts for her adorable furbaby. To all the ladies who have walked down the aisle before, you know how precious your registry is. For Priyanka to take up that much gift real estate for her pup, shows she’s the best dog mama ever. “Of course I couldn’t forget the needs of my dog, Diana, when planning out the needs of my future family,” Priyanka wrote on Amazon

The 36-year-old added a Blueberry Pet dog collar in a darling shade of pink, a Whistle GPS pet tracker, an Ellie dog raincoat in bright yellow with striped accents, and a Blueberry Pet bed to match the previously mentioned collar. The best part? All of the items are extremely affordable! A dog lover who values a good deal? Ummm, Priyanka is basically an angel, y’all. 

In addition to Diana’s swag, the Indian beauty added a bunch of other enviable items to her list included a Rebecca Minkoff cosmetic pouch, Marc Jacobs backpack, and memory foam mattress. Not to be crude, but we really hope she and Nick put that last one to good use. Wink, wink. After all, they are going to make some seriously beautiful babies.

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