They’ve come a long way, kids! Vanderpump Rules stars and BFFs Stassi SchroederKristen Doute and Katie Maloney-Schwartz spoke with Life & Style exclusively about how much they’ve grown since the first season of the hit Bravo show. Needless to say, things are quite different now for this trio than they were when they were just starting on the reality TV scene.

“Different is so good, though,” Kristen, 36, told LS at the Witches of WeHo Potion No. 2  Basic Witch Rosé launch at Farmhouse restaurant at Beverly Center. “Different is great. Change is great.” Katie, 32, agreed with her longtime pal. “Yeah, change is constant and I think it should be welcomed but it still doesn’t mean that we’re not the same people at the core,” she said.

Kristen had an interesting thought to add: “And I think our fans grow with us,” she remarked, while Stassi, 31, agreed. “People that were watching the show eight seasons ago like they’re also growing up with us,” the James Mae founder continued.

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Nocking Points Wines

“And if they don’t like it,” Stassi concluded with her signature wit. “They can suck it.” So does this mean the girls are anti-Pump Rules spinoffs? Not necessarily, especially if there’s a cast of newbies trying to learn the ropes.

“If they want, by all means, new shows are welcome all the time,” Kristen assured. “New shows are great.” But according to Katie, we’ve still got time left with our OGs. “We’ve got a lot of miles left in us, so we’ll just see,” she said.

“Listen, I’m not gonna pretend that I’m struggling so that I can be on a show,” Stassi spoke on the reality of their lives now. “So like you can follow our lives and watch us grow and watch us develop and evolve and if new people come in, great to you know, show something different and add like some flair, like that’s awesome but I’m not, I think that what makes our show so great is that we’re all very authentic and very real and we’ve exposed everything about our lives and we’re not going to pretend.”

“We can’t start pretending now when we haven’t pretended for so long,” Kristen continued. “Like never. We’ve never been fake about anything.” That’s for sure, y’all. The Pump Rules kids have always bared it all, even their innermost struggles. Now, there are just different problems on their plates than a few years back.

“And there are still struggles, just different struggles. They’re new struggles. Like owning a home is like the biggest struggle of my life,” the small businesswoman revealed further. “It’s like insane. Or even just like being an entrepreneur, whether it’s wine or anything, anything that the three of us have done on our own. Like those are just different struggles. It’s just not like, oh, I have to get my shift covered at SUR … Tom Sandoval and I used to steal silverware from SUR, because we didn’t have …”

But according to Stassi, some people never change: “Jax still does that to this day,” the blonde beauty joked.

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