I’m just going to cut to the chase here. Rachel Green from Friends and Lauren Conrad from The Hills are the same person… and once you see it, you will never be able to unsee it. Set aside the fact that Friends took place in the ’90s and The Hills didn’t even premiere until 2006, I’m telling you, when the rain starts to pour on Rachel Green, Lauren Conrad is feeling that rain on her skin. (No one else will feel it for her.)

So, how did I come to such an astonishing conclusion, you ask? Let me break it down:

They both notoriously didn’t go to Paris.

In Season 1 of The Hills, Lauren chose boyfriend at the time, Jason Wahler, over an internship in the city of love. She was dubbed “the girl who didn’t go to Paris.” But she wasn’t the only girl. Rachel, too, skipped out on going to Paris in favor of her lobster, Ross Gellar, in the series finale of Friends.

rachel green lauren conrad paris

They both seriously struggled with relationships.

Lauren’s on-again, off-again relationship with Jason was eerily similar to what Rachel experienced with Ross.

rachel green lauren conrad love life

They both worked in fashion.

Lauren spent her days pretending to work at Teen Vogue while Rachel held jobs at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren.

lauren conrad rachel green fashion

They both were involved in sex tape drama.

Spencer Pratt admitted that he started the rumor of Lauren’s sex tape with Jason back in 2007 (but claimed in his journalistic masterpiece, How to Be Famous, that the tape did, in fact, once exist). Rachel, on the other hand, unknowingly did the deed with Ross on camera after she wooed him with the story of that time she went back-packing through western Europe.

lauren conrad rachel green

They both held the world’s longest grudges.

Lauren kept her feud alive with Heidi for years (SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DID!) while Ross was still given a guilt trip for cheating on Rachel while they were on a “break” up until the very last episode of Friends.