It’s been almost eight years since The Hills aired its final episode — but fans still can’t get enough of the fakery! While multiple cast members — like Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Brody Jenner — admitted the MTV series was staged and scripted, Justin Bobby may have dropped the biggest bombshell to date in an exclusive interview with Life & Style.

“The girls on the show — for what they are and what they were showed to be — is not real,” he explained. “They’re all little hussies that run around drunk and whatever with whatever for them.” While it’s unclear who exactly he was referring to, we watched him bump heads with LC and Lo Bosworth throughout the series.

The BobbyrocK band mate is still close with Spencer Pratt, so it’s unlikely he would talk about Spencer’s wife, Heidi Montag, that way. Not to mention, Speidi proved their relationship was very real not only on the show, but also in real life.

“It’s funny, because you’d see [the girls] out at a club, not on a shooting night, and they’re just wasted and going home with whoever,” Justin continued. “I’m looking and I’m like, ‘That’s funny. [The MTV production crew] should actually catch this, and then it would change the whole storyline.'”

Fans saw the stars with their fair share of ~partners~ over the years, and back then, the cast was in their early 20s — so it makes sense they would let loose on their nights off. Both Kristin and LC admitted in the past to faking relationships for ratings — so technically, the stars could have been single in ~real life~ when the cameras weren’t rolling.

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However, Justin insisted that his on-screen relationship with Audrina Patridge was “genuine” and their time on the show both helped their relationship “evolve” and “fade.” The former couple is still in touch today, though Justin said “the dust needs to settle” after Audrina’s messy split from Corey Bohan before he’d try to reconcile. Rumors surfaced this week that she is back with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera — so perhaps we’ll see that IRL love triangle play out on the upcoming rumored Hills reboot!

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