Back when she was a Real Housewives of New York star, everyone either loved or hated Jill Zarin. But the truth about her was just that she unapologetically did things her own way. After her husband, Bobby Zarin, passed away earlier this year, she continued her life without him in the same tradition. Though her decision to dip her toes back into the dating pool over the summer got some backlash, Jill finally took to social media on Dec. 28 to go public with her BF Gary Brody.

Jill posted an adorable photo of her and Gary with an equally adorable caption: “Trivia question. ‘What is the origin of the term Love in tennis?'” We see you, girl! We see that wit.

The 55-year-old and her BF look super happy in the pic and we’re could understand why — they’re at the tennis court! Any fans that remember Jill’s stint on RHONY probably remember how much she loves the game, so we’re not surprised she found herself a man who enjoys it as well. Plus, check out their tennis gear. Lookin’ good, guys.

Gary is also the President and Owner of Marcraft Apparel Group, according to his Linkedin. His official Instagram page also has a link to an edgy tennis clothing brand called BOAST, which he undoubtedly has involvement with. TBH, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

Jill confirmed her relationship with Gary earlier this year in a statement to People, but this is the first time the couple has been public about their relationship otherwise. “I just started accepting a few dinner dates after much thought and support from my close friends and family. I felt Bobby would want me to start to live again,” she said about her decision to date again.

We wish Jill and Gary the utmost success in their new relationship. Hopefully, the next couple pic will be an actual tennis match!