Whenever Miss Robyn ‘Rihanna‘ Fenty wants to drop music on us, we’ll be grateful to receive it, but that doesn’t mean we’re not absolutely dying while we wait! Rih last released an album in 2016 with Anti and has been featured as a guest on several killer tracks with other artists, but the fact is, we need another RiRi album. Plain and simple. Lucky for us, one fan was willing to take one for the team and ask Rihanna on social media when new music was coming… and she responded.

On Dec. 21, Rihanna took to her Instagram to post some seriously fire looks, showing off her new lipstick shades for Fenty Beauty, due out on Dec. 26. On a post for the shade “Flamingo Acid,” one fan asked the question that everyone was thinking, “But when is the album dropping, Robyn? Can we have a release date for that?”

It almost could’ve been misconstrued for shade, but Rih undoubtedly sensed the desperation from the fan — most likely, she’s had millions of people comment her looking for answers. But this time, she decided to grace us with facts. “2019,” was Rihanna’s simple reply to the fan. And TBH, that’s enough.

rihanna new music 2019

The idea that Rihanna herself confirmed an album coming next year had fans flocking to the comment by the hundreds to share their excitement. “QUEEN,” the original commenter replied to Rih, while others shared things like “She’s coming!” and “OK, I heard that!” Everyone is stoked and all RiRi revealed was the year her album will drop — just goes to show the kind of influence she has.

Rihanna has been doing quite a bit of acting lately, which might be what has the new album on such a long delay. After months of speculation, Donald Glover recently confirmed a new film with Rihanna called Guava Island and released the trailer at his PHAROS Festival in New Zealand. Before that, Rih killed the game in the all-female cast of Oceans 8.

We love seeing her on the silver screen, but we’re relieved to know the acting bug doesn’t have her putting the music on pause.