Some of Rihanna‘s fans were confused by her latest Savage X Fenty sleepwear offering, as she debuted comfy plaid pajama bottoms that featured a large open cutout in the back that exposes one’s bare behind. RiRi even showed off how they looked on her, modeling them while flaunting her bare tush. While the design may be unorthodox, it was a huge hit when Savage X debuted a sleeker Open Tie Pajama Pant in 2020 that also had an open-air backside, and they were quickly snapped up.

The tighter-styled black sleepwear pants that expose the wearer’s bare bottom are currently sold out at the Savage X Fenty website. The lucky customers that own a pair have gushed about them in the reviews, especially how the peek-a-boo back made their significant others very happy.

“Wore this with an oversized nightshirt and he didn’t realize the back til I got up to get something to drink,” one user confessed about the open-air backside, while another added, “These are very cute and comfortable. Had no complaints from my fiancé.”

Rihanna Crotchless Pajamas
Courtsy of Rihanna/Instagram

Another fan of the black pajama bottoms called them “subtle sexy” and added, “This right here is my husband’s new favorite, wants me to wear it every day if possible. Very simple in the front yet all sexy in the back.”

Some customers were out to please themselves with the racy design, as one woman wrote in her review, “I’m in love. These pants are comfy and have just the right amount of sex appeal. They fit great and the tie waist is extra cute! I love the fact that there’s just enough cheek out.” Customers have fallen in love with the open-back jammies, which have received a five out of five-star rating.

Rihanna’s brand isn’t into just selling pajama bottoms with an open backside, as Savage X did the same with their Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Leggings. The pants are way too racy to wear on a grocery run or to a yoga class, but RiRi’s customers went wild for them.

One customer called the leggings, “sexy and fun” and explained, “My husband was in love with these! I wore them under a skirt and he though they were just soft leggings for a while until he just couldn’t keep his hands from wandering.” Another fan wrote in her review, “What can I say wow! These leggings are super soft and sexy. Definitely a nice way to spice things up for a night in with bae :).”

Rihanna knows what her Savage X Fenty customers want, as the company has been valued at $1 billion. Now, it’s time for some sexy Christmas cheer with her new backless plaid pajama bottoms. There should be plenty of extra joy this holiday season for couples when decorating the tree and baking cookies thanks to these racy jammies!