Proud parents! Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Conseulos could not contain their excitement over the news that their oldest son, Michael Consuelos, will be joining the cast of CW’s Riverdale for this upcoming season and they both took to Instagram to gush over Michael and congratulate him on his new role.

“Congrats Michael on being cast as young Hiram Lodge on [Riverdale], however [Mark] and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you and your siblings that as your fiduciaries, we are hereby entitled to 10% of all future earnings hereto wit, or something like that,” the proud mom wrote in her Instagram post, adding a winking, tongue-out emoji. 

Mark also shared a sweet message to his son on Instagram. “Bucket list moment for Mom and Dad. Congrats to my son Michael on being cast as the younger (and much better and handsomer) Hiram,” the proud papa wrote. “We are so proud. Love you MJC.”

This marks Michael’s first acting credit in six years, according to IMDB. The 21-year-old is currently a student at NYU, according to People. Michael is going to play the younger version of his father’s character on the show, villain Hiram Lodge, and he is set to appear in a flashback episode. Riverdale stars KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) will play the younger version of his on-screen father and Luke Perry’s character Fred Andrews, and Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) will play the younger version of her on-screen mother, Mädchen Amick’s Alice Cooper.

Fans flooded the comments of Kelly and Mark’s Instagram posts to share their reactions to the news. “YASSS [sic] FATHER AND SON ON SET!!!” one fan commented, while another wrote, “One of life’s great gifts — the opportunity to celebrate the success of your child. Congrats.”

Riverdale Season 3 is set to premiere on Oct. 10 on the CW.