It looks like he's moving on. Michael Kopech, Brielle Biermann’s hunk of an ex-boyfriend, is seemingly dating Riverdale star, Vanessa Morgan and TBH, we're a little shook. For starters, Brielle and Mike dated for two years! In the world of teenage romance, that's a long time — and even if the couple called it quits all the way back in March, it still seems a little too soon to be taking a new relationship public.

By public, of course we mean commenting all over each other’s Instagram pictures. Mike and Vanessa are constantly exchanging cute messages and playful emojis, but it doesn’t stop there. On June 27, The CW starlett shared a few snapshots of herself at a Charlotte Knights game in North Carolina. Now, either Vanessa is just a huge fan of relatively unknown baseball teams or she was watching her new beau play ball. That’s right, Mike happens to be the pitcher for the Knights.

As to whether Brielle is aware of Mike’s new lady remains to be seen. However, it’s likely that the 21-year-old would be upset. An initial report on the pair's split from Us Weekly, cited that Brielle was "having a difficult time with the distance," specifically, when it came to Mike’s baseball schedule. So, in that capacity, seeing Vanessa at Mike’s game must sting!

Then again, the Don’t Be Tardy personality appears to be doing just fine on Instagram. Brielle is constantly showing off her killer curves, fashionable outfits, and fun nights out. Is she putting on a front or has she moved on too? Well, on June 16, the blonde beauty shared a cute picture with the caption, "When he hits you with that 'come over' text."

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When he hits you with that “come over” text 😏

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We don’t know about y’all, but that caption screams one of two things. Either, "I’m over it" or "I’m trying to make him jealous." Either way, we’re hoping everyone involved gets through this love triangle unscathed. After all, young love is hard enough, let alone young love in the public eye.