It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Rob Kardashian, but a new report claims that we may not even recognize him these days! The former reality star has allegedly lost a lot of weight — as in, 30-50 pounds — and he looks good and feels even better!

“Getting out of the spotlight was so important for Rob,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. Not only is Rob not appearing on TV anymore, but he’s also deleted his Instagram and has been using his Twitter just for sending positive messages and promoting his Arthur George sock line. Apparently, that respite from the public eye has worked wonders for him after years of trying to lose weight.

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But for him, it sounds like the bigger motivator was his baby girl Dream Kardashian. “He needed to completely change his life, things were spiraling out of control for him and his health and relationships were suffering,” said thr source. “He needed to refocus.”

And guess what? It sounds like it may have worked! “His life is completely different now,” said the insider. “He’s got his priorities in check. First and foremost he is there for Dream and he knows that, so he needs to be healthy.”

Rob has transformed more than just his body. He’s reportedly getting along better with his ex Blac Chyna as they coparent together successfully, and he’s been spending tons of time with his sisters, who also have young daughters. “All the cousins [Dream and Rob’s sister’s kids] are very close,” said the source. They also mentioned that Rob seems much more comfortable leaving the house lately, and seems happier in general.

Of course, we would love to see Rob’s transformation, but either way, we’re just glad that he’s reportedly healthier and enjoying his life again. It was heartbreaking when he skipped Kim’s 2014 wedding in France simply because he was so uncomfortable in his body, and we hope he will be a central part of all family gatherings from now on!