Fans are seriously worried after Ruby Rose stepped out on the Pitch Perfect 3 red carpet in Sydney looking skinnier than ever. The frail actress wore a strapless black gown that showed off her exposed décolletage and very visible spine.

“Please, give some kind of food to @RubyRose, is too skinny,” one fan tweeted before another added, “@RubyRose are you okay?” Alongside her co-stars Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, her weight loss is extremely noticeable.

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The usually fit star recently clapped back after reports initially surfaced that her weight had dropped below 100 pounds — and Ruby wants to reassure her fans she is healthier than ever. “Hey China what’s up I just ate 12 dumplings in under a minute and my bed has my initials on it… I’m a happy camper,” she recently tweeted. She also showed off her washboard abs on Instagram and defended her fit physique. “Body shamers, I had a great work out this morn[ing], thanks for asking, and am off to eat a vegan burger because why the F not,” she wrote.

After posting photos from a recent appearance at the CMA Awards, her followers shared their concern over her weight loss. Are you starving yourself love?” one follower wrote before another added, “[You’re] the most slender mirror ball I have ever seen!”

Professionals are also speaking out about her skinny appearance. “Her family and management team need to encourage her to gain some weight before it’s too late,” LA-based dietitian Lisa De Fazio told NW magazine. She also revealed that the Orange Is the New Black actress should gain nearly 20 more pounds to be considered healthy for her height.

Ruby, 31, has always been very open about her vegetarian lifestyle — and credits it for transforming her body. “I know that when I’m eating… I’m not hurting the planet, I’m not hurting other people on this planet, I’m not hurting animals, … and I’m not hurting nature,” she said earlier this year. “We can be the change.” She was also named one of PETA’s 2017 sexiest vegan celebrities. However, she is not fully vegan — yet. “I don’t do dairy but I’m not vegan because I wear leather… Something else I need to really reconsider,” she tweeted.