Say what? While everyone ages differently — some more gracefully than others — it’s hard to believe some of these celebrities are actually the same age. From Mischa Barton and Lauren Conrad to Sandra Bullock and Courtney Love, these mind-blowing facts are seriously making us scratch our heads.

While things like weight loss, going under the knife, and hair transformations could all be factors in this, sometimes it just comes down to different beauty secrets. Stars like Rachel McAdams and Cindy Crawford have some out-of-the-ordinary regimens, while others like Farrah Abraham and Tara Reid may have overdone it with plastic surgeries. As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing is NOT always a good thing. Just ask LC, who credits her youthful look to the minimal amount of makeup she wears.

Regardless, we think each and every one of these A-listers are stunning and ageless — we are just having some trouble grasping the fact that some of them were born in the same year! Seriously, take a look at these and tell us you didn’t do more than one double take.

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