We'd like to think we’re pretty open minded when it comes to trying new foods. However, we’re not entirely sold on Pepsi’s latest flavor.

The company just released a salted caramel cola and, if we’re being honest, it sounds a little gag-inducing. According to Pepsi, the new drink “blends the refreshing taste of cola with a delicious caramel finish” and is a limited edition for the holiday season. “Salted Caramel is a popular flavor that consumers are looking for — and delighted to find — especially during the holidays," Pepsi's Vice President of Marketing told Today.com.

"We see it across food and beverages, from yogurt, to bagels, to tea!" he added. However, Twitter users are most definitely not on board. One particularly disturbed tweeter wrote, "Salted Caramel @pepsi? What were you guys thinking? This is horrible."

The truth is, no one's a fan of a surprising after taste. We'll stick to regular (or, let's be real, diet) in the future thank you very much!

This post was written by Ruby Norris. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.