Yet another brave woman in Hollywood has come forward on Sept. 27 to share her emotional story of sexual assault. Modern Family star Sarah Hyland took to Twitter to reveal that a “friend” attacked her when she was just a teenager, and she was too scared to tell anyone what happened. 

“#WhyIDidn’tReport,” she began. “He was a friend. It was New Year’s Eve, my senior year of high school. Everyone was drunk. He broke into the bathroom I was in. I hoped it was a dream but my ripped tights in the morning proved otherwise.”

She went on to explain why she’s only saying something now, at age 27. “I thought no one would believe me. I didn’t want to be called dramatic. After all, I didn’t say no. Shock can do that to a person. #BelieveWomen #MeToo #IBelieveHer.”

Not long after, she threw her support behind the accusers of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. “I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Deborah Ramirez. I believe Julie Swetnick,” she tweeted. “There is no path forward for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. #BelieveSurvivors #TIMESUP.”

Many other celebrities shared this same tweet, which also included a video requesting that Kavanaugh withdraw his bid for Supreme Court. Susan Sarandon, Debra Messing, Sophia Bush, Juliane Moore, Constance Wu, and more, were among those that cosigned the demand on Twitter. 

Sarah is the second high-profile celebrity to share her story on the day Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford testified about the accusations. Actress Busy Philipps took to Instagram with her own story of being raped at 14, admitting that even now, decades later, she was “scared” to share what happened to her. Busy also supported Blasey Ford, writing, “Today is the day we are silent no more. All of us. I can’t imagine what Dr. Ford is feeling right now.”