Happy Scorpio Szn! These Celebrity ‘Scorpions’ Are Saucy and Sensitive This Month

Welcome to Scorpio season — time to find your inner sting. If you’re feeling mysterious, sexy and a little impassioned, suss out a Scorpio to revel in the present moment with. These emotional insects are some of the most intense of the signs — but their tendencies to plug up their tears in favor of a hot and heavy moment can make them a puzzling zodiac placement to some. But, as a Fixed sign, these truth-seekers are dedicated to solving the mystery at hand and are naturally curious. Basically, they’re here to get to the bottom of your curiosities, then throw them back in your face with their flirt on point. If this reminds you of any celebs you know, just know they’re balancing emotional realities with steamy fantasies all month long. Scroll through to see our list of Scorpio celebs, in no particular order. 

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