Happy Libra Szn! These Celebrity ‘Justices’ Are Finding Harmony, Balance and Equity This Fall

Welcome to Libra season! Time to make it right. If you’re feeling like you want to rebalance the scales in your life, liaison with a Libra for an expert tutorial. These judicial justice-seekers are some of the most pragmatic of the signs — but their tendencies to throw a little superficiality in the mix can bring a complicated aspect to the zodiac placement. But, as a Cardinal sign, these practicality pundits are incredible leaders and their judgment skills help with the most difficult decisions. Basically, they’ve got you covered if you can’t make up your mind. If this reminds you of any celebs you know, just know they’re working on their expert witness testimony … for whenever they might need it. Scroll through to see our list of Libra celebs, in no particular order. 

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