Happy Cancer Szn! These Celebrity ‘Crabs’ Are Celebrating Their Emotions (By Crying)

It’s Cancer season — and we’re having a cry over it. If you’re shedding a few more tears than normal this month, allow a Cancer to lend you a tissue. These caring crustaceans are one of the more moody signs — but with their sensitivities come a deep and consuming love for the closest of their crew. Because of this combo, they’re great at protecting their pals, creating loving environments and doing it all with an energetic edge as the second Cardinal sign of the zodiac. Sweeter than sugar, Cancers are so saccharine you might melt. If this reminds you of any celebs you know, just know they’re ready to love on you and sob with you all in the same breath. Scroll through to see our list of Cancer celebs, in no particular order. 

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