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Happy Gemini Szn! These Celebrity ‘Twins’ Are Totally Both Sides of the Coin

Hi! We’re in Gemini season — and we wanna chat about it. If you’re looking to gab about the beautiful summer weather that’s upon us with an Aperol Spritz in hand, invite a Gemini to do a little gossiping with you at the bistro. These talkative twins are the tricksters of the signs — but with their duality comes an intellect that’s rarely matched. Because of this combo, they have a great ability to ~go with the flow~, a trait of being one of the Mutable signs of the zodiac. Serious and silly, Geminis are the best double-edged sword. If this reminds you of any celebs you know, just know they’re ready to dish with you over a cocktail ASAP. Scroll through to see our list of Gemini celebs, in no particular order. 

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