If the Royal Baby is born today before 4:54 p.m. British time today, the little guy or gal will have the same Zodiac sign as his or her daddy, Prince William!

As reported, Kate Middleton is currently in labor and William is by her side. If they're bundle of joy arrives before that time today, he or she will be considered a Cancer.

How Kate Middleton and Prince William Will Announce Royal Baby's Birth

However, if the heir to the throne makes his or her way to the world after, the new addition to the Royal family will be considered a Leo.

If the Royal Baby is a Cancer like their father and late grandmother (Princess Diana was born on July 1), he or she is likely to be loyal, imaginative, intuitive, protective, loving and emotional. According to Astrology.com, Cancers “takes great pleasure in the comforts of home and family." Leos are known to be kind, energetic, loyal and optimistic.

Regardless, the baby will be in good celebrity company. If born today, he or she will share a birthday with Selena Gomez and Alex Trebek. If born tomorrow, the little one will share one with Daniel Radcliffe and Slash.

As for names, Kate and William haven't yet revealed what they want to name their son or daughter, but many are speculating that Alexandra, Victoria and Jamaes are in the lead depending on the baby's gender.

Royal Baby Update: Kate Middleton In "Early Stages of Labor"

Reports also claim that they'll pay homage to the Royal family by naming the baby Diana, Elizabeth, Charles or Philip.

Life & Style chatted with Diana's close friend, Marie Sutton, earlier this year and she told us that she suspects Diana will be the child's middle name.

"The [middle] name would have to be Diana, wouldn’t it?” she gushes to Life & Style.

Kate is currently staying in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington. It's the same hospital where Diana welcomed William and Harry.

"I think she would have loved Kate – everyone seems to love her, she’s very easy-going and has a beautiful family," Marie says of Diana. "I think Diana would have blended in very well with the Middletons.”