Costar approved! Willa Ford, who appears alongside Scott Disick in his new show, Flip It Like Disick, had nothing but kind things to say about the reality star’s longtime girlfriend, Sofia Richie. “She is really sweet,” the interior designer told Life & Style exclusively. “Sofia is lovely.”

Of course, the 20-year-old model isn’t a fixture of the series. However, that doesn’t mean Sofia hasn’t been bonding with the cast behind-the-scenes. “When we were in Vegas, we all went to a super chill dinner as a group,” Willa explained. “I think Kozet and Benny [Luciano] might’ve gone out the latest and gambled a little, but you know, Scott, Sofia and myself, all of us go to bed.”

Now, as much as we love to fawn over Sofia, Willa also had some interesting insights on The Lord himself. “I think the preconceived notion about him is that he doesn’t do anything, but actually, you know, he does … and so this show is a great way for people to see one of the things that he’s really passionate about,” she expressed.

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Courtesy of Sofia Richie Instagram

“In fact, I think he’s gained way more passion about this, especially since we’ve been shooting the show. I’ve seen him get more and more excited about different design things I bring to him.” Unsurprisingly, Scott’s passion for this project has found its way on social media. So much so, that the proud father of three and his loved ones are constantly hyping up Flip It Like Disick on Instagram.

“My mans got a billboard on sunset,” Sofia gushed on Sunday, July 30, along with a photo of the promotional poster in L.A. Considering the pair has been pretty low-key since day one, we’re pleased to see Sofia praising Scott like that! Here’s hoping we get to see some of their relationship on the show in the weeks to come. 

You can catch the premiere episode of Flip It Like Disick on E! on Sunday, August 4, at 9 p.m. ET.

Reporting by Diana Cooper. 

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