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Living Large Like Their Clients! ‘Selling Sunset’ Cast Members’ Net Worths: How They Make Money

The Selling Sunset stars have racked up some pretty impressive net worths since the show premiered on Netflix in March 2019.

Not only do the Oppenheim Group employees sell to multi-millionaires in Los Angeles, but they’re also nearly matching their clients in wealth. While rumors have swirled online about how scripted the reality show really is, the Selling Sunset ladies actually do sell houses.

“As of June, I think I’ve done seven deals so far in real estate [this year],” Chrishell Stause, for one, told W Magazine in August 2022. “It’s not a ton of deals. I obviously could be doing a lot more if that were my sole focus, but it isn’t. I try to only take the jobs that are going to be filming on the show, or involve people I’ve worked with in the past. I’m actually excited to be able to dip my toe into a little acting and get something in before we go back. I would never be good at a nine-to-five, anyway.”

So, while there is real estate involved, the Netflix stars do have various careers aside from just being real estate agents. That being said, even if the Selling Sunset stars wanted to work at the actual Oppenheim Group office in Orange County, their newfound fame makes it a challenge.

“It’s harder to get work done in the office now, because people are constantly in there, trying to get pictures and knocking on the door. It’s very sweet, but you can’t get work done,” Chrishell explained during the same interview. “So, when I actually have work to do, I’m normally doing it at home. You have to go in knowing that you’re going to be shaking hands and kissing babies, because we are now part of the star tour that goes around.”

That being said, Mary Fitzgerald takes her real estate career very seriously.

“I think the show gives the impression that you can just get your licence, walk into a $10 million home and say: ‘Hey, do you like it? Cool, sign here.’ It’s so much more complicated than that,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in November 2021. “There are so many more details that go into it that aren’t exactly glamorous or fun, like endless paperwork, scheduling inspections and removing contingencies. It’s so much fun, but be prepared for a lot of behind-the-scenes admin.”

Chrishell and Mary aren’t the only two Selling Sunset stars who’ve become household names with various money-making avenues. Scroll through the gallery to uncover the Netflix stars’ net worths.