Think you need to travel to Harry Potter World in Orlando, FL, for a nice, cold butterbeer? Think again! Starbucks Secret Menu let us know that there’s a butterbeer frappuccino with your name on it!

The popular website that clues fans in on items you can order that aren’t on the regular menu, listed a recipe for the delicious sounding drink — and it doesn’t sound that complicated to make.

It reads, “Ask for a Creme Frappuccino base. Don’t skimp on the fat by asking for skim or 2% milk as whole milk is required for the right consistency.” Then — for a grande — add 3 pumps of caramel syrup, 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup, and top it off with some caramel drizzle. Make sure to adjust depending on the size.

Based on social media, the frapp is a hit with wannabe wizards! “Accio Butterbeer Frapp!!! Oh you know I had to get one!” one fan wrote, adding the hashtags #loveit and #sogood. Another said, “Tried this baby yesterday ~ Butter beer frap #sogood.” As it turns out, it’s been a thing for over three years! Think of all those calories we could’ve wasted on this surgery goodness.

Starbucks made quite a splash in 2017 with their limited edition drink offerings, which often made for the perfect Instagram pic. What seemed to kick of the trend was the unicorn frappuccino in April, which was a bright pink drink topped with a blue drizzle and a mountain of whipped cream sprinkled with pink and blue powder (one of our editors was not a huge fan of the surprise mango taste!)

Over the next few months came the mermaid, the zombie, and even the Christmas tree frapp, which featured green whipped cream. Honestly, we’re having a little trouble keeping up — but we’ll never stop trying them!