Things are getting tense on Bravo's new series Relative Success With Tabatha! In a clip for the all-new episode, we see a family — who owns apparel company NewMe — come to blows over their business.

"I think the idea that you have is genius — but when you can't communicate with each other effectively, how are you going to communicate it to all of those people out there?" host Tabatha Coffey asks during a tense family dinner. She adds in a confessional, "This family has no communication skills. The only communication they do is scream at each other."

According to the episode description, "NewMe, has hopes of revolutionizing the modest clothing fashion scene, but without Tabatha’s help, their family drama may rip their dreams apart at the seams. With a mother-daughter design team at odds with their business partner/son/brother, tempers are frayed and no one is happy."

The sister complains about her brother to Tabatha, saying, "It's the way he portrays his messages. When he talks, I feel like I can't listen — and then, everything he says from that point on doesn't go in."

The Tabatha Takes Over alum exclusively opened up to Life & Style this month about how her parents' strip club business set her up for ~relative success~. “My parents owned strip clubs in Australia when I was a kid, so they ran them together. They had a partner as well. It wasn’t just theirs, but my mother and my father worked together,” she explained.

“Watching my mother, she was really strong and very smart, really tough — but also kind. She cared about her staff and cared about what happened. And she was a great role model because she had me to bring up. And she had to take care of her family and her husband and a business and staff and kind of keep everything moving.”

She added, “That’s also where I learned the tough love. That’s where the brand came from. The DNA was stamped into me from [my mom]. But it was a great lesson as a young girl and as a businesswoman that you could do that and that was OK. And it didn't mean that you weren’t a kind, loving person. It just meant that you were honest and tough and strong.”

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