Just because Tana Mongeau isn’t an official member of The Vlog Squad doesn’t mean she and fellow YouTuber David Dobrik aren’t besties. “Our friendship is really great,” the 21-year-old exclusively tells Life & Style. “David inspires me so much.”

On top of being an inspiration to Tana, David adds a lot of excitement to her life! “I’ve been editing throwback vlogs from my life in the past year and I was just editing my birthday vlog and there was this time David and I were in the car and we were driving and he starts to get pulled over,” the Las Vegas native recalls. 

Tana Mongeau Gushes Over Her 'Great' Friendship With David Dobrik
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“We start freaking out because David’s a DACA recipient … you can’t go to jail. It’s a whole freaking thing. He pulls us over and we’re sitting in the car and the police officer asks for a selfie,” Tana continues. “He pulled him over for a selfie and I’m sitting there in shock. This is why I hang out with David — because his life is so much crazier than mine could ever be. So, that was a good refresher the other day.”

After some flirty exchanges in January, fans suspected Tana and David, 23, might be more than friends. However, the MTV reality star assures that’s not the case. “‘Sparked dating rumors’ is the funniest sentence ever,” Tana laughs. “But hearing it with my name and David Dobrik just has this beautiful ring to it … I can’t lie.” (We agree!)

That said, Tana is focused on flying solo these days. “I think life is all about love, but I’m definitely just focused on love, especially toward myself right now,” she explains. “So yeah, ‘the single girl’ life is treating me really well.”

Tana Mongeau Gushes Over Her 'Great' Friendship With David Dobrik
Life & Style

Since calling it quits with ex-boyfriend Jake Paul, Tana has launched her first-ever fragrance, announced an upcoming book and snagged a Featured Creator spot at VidCon London. So yeah, we think she’s thriving.


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