There’s money to be made — and trust us, she’s making it. YouTuber Tana Mongeau is known for poking fun at how rich she is but the amount of money she rakes in from her career as a digital content creator is no joke. The 21-year-old MTV starlet’s net worth is estimated at a whopping $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. If you’re wondering how the Las Vegas native could amass that much dough from shooting videos, keep reading to find out exactly how Tana makes her millions.

Her YouTube Channel Is Successful

Unsurprisingly, the blonde beauty makes a hefty portion of her riches through her two YouTube channels and her faithful subscribers. Since she began making videos in 2015, her platform has grown to an incredible 4.5 million followers, which allows her to garner some serious cash. Social Blade estimates she makes anywhere from $4,300 to $69,200 a month from her videos.

She’s a Singer and a Rapper, Y’all

In the earlier days of her channel, the influencer was pretty focused on a musical career. She released singles “Hefner” and “Deadahh” in 2017, and her latest track, “Facetime,” debuted in 2019. She also teased a new song on her Instagram Stories over the last few months, so we bet we’ll hear that soon.


Her Merch Rules

Tana has sold tons of snarky and witty merch over the years, featuring taglines like “Dizzy,” “Scandalous,” and even “Cancelled.” We’re talking T-shirts, hoodies … and even g-string underwear. She also has a perfume now called “Tana by Tana.”

She’s a Reality Star

The popular vlogger is also the star of an MTV reality series called MTV: No Filter. The show began as a way to document her riotous 21st birthday bash — but it seems as though the views were enough to secure herself and her pals a second season.

Tana also seemingly inked a second reality show deal with MTV, along with her ex-husband Jake Paul, called Bustedness. The Ridiculousness spinoff series was announced in December 2019, but we have yet to see any episodes come to light.

“Never did I think I’d bag two MTV shows — one digital and one linear. Thank you for creating this world for me,” Tana gushed on Instagram at the time. “More to come. See you on TV?”