Let’s just put it this way … YouTuber Tana Mongeau just had one interesting Christmas. The 21-year-old revealed on Twitter that her friend and rumored fling Mod Sun (a.k.a. Derek Smith) and his family paid special attention to her this holiday — meaning everyone hooked her up with presents. The admission came just after Tana and her husband, fellow vlogger Jake Paul, spent their first married Christmas apart.

“[Mod’s] entire family got me gifts,” she wrote on December 27. “[BRB] gonna go sob.” Clearly, it was an emotional gesture — and knowing Tana’s contentious family situation (especially around the holidays), we understand why it would be meaningful to her.

Believe it or not, fans and followers flocked to reply to the tweet and let Tana know exactly what they thought of the situation. Unsurprisingly, most folks were all about the blonde beauty moving on romantically with the rapper — despite the fact that he was dating Bella Thorne, Tana’s ex-girlfriend, as recently as June of this year. Tana’s decision to go out to dinner with the 32-year-old over the summer lead to a serious rift in her friendship with the former Disney star.

“Mod is your REAL husband. Supports you and loves you like one. Heed his lessons. You don’t need any of the extra people who just use you,” one user wisely wrote, while another added bluntly, “Drop Jake [and] pick up Mod ASAP.” Another fan said, “The husband you should have but …” while one follower laid on the shade. “What did Jake get you?” they asked.

It makes sense that fans would want Tana to be with someone with whom she has the right connection — and after she spent the holiday in Las Vegas with BFF Imari Stuart instead of her hubby, 22, we can see why.

The MTV star shared several snaps from dinner at Nobu on the Strip with Imari, whom she brought back to her hometown to celebrate the special day, on her Instagram Stories on December 25. “Imari and I snuck off last night and had a Christmas Eve dinner at Nobu and literally BLACKED OUT and took the Strip by STORM … the most VEGAS s—t we could possibly do … it’s one of my favorite memories we’ll ever make ❤️ all the family love I have is bundled up into one person and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she captioned a photo from their dinner on her feed.

Meanwhile, Jake and his brother, Logan Paul, took their dogs up to Big Bear Lake to hang out in the snow and do some holiday boxing training. Since neither of them were shacking up with family for the occasion, we (like Tana’s fans) are a bit confused as to why they didn’t spend the big day together. Mod to the rescue?