If you love something, let it go. YouTuber Tana Mongeau tells Life & Style exclusively her legendary matching tally mark tattoos with estranged husband and close friend Jake Paul are “completely, completely gone,” just six months after the former couple’s blowout Las Vegas wedding.

“It’s so funny and this is so sad and I hate to say it, Jakey, I really love you. It’s so bad but I got it on my hand in a place that would fade,” the 21-year-old reveals. “I actually have a different tattoo with a different ex still on my hand and not the one with Jake. I’m so sorry.”

Tana Mongeau Is Happy for Ex Jake Paul in His New Relationship

That being said, though, the former Disney star’s tallies are in a place where the ink is less likely to fade. “But Jake’s tally marks are thriving still on his thigh,” she continues. “I think once we realized it wasn’t a weekly thing that we might do this for more than a few weeks, we decided for wedding rings instead of tattoos.”

Sounds like an adult decision, right? The blonde bombshell definitely still has a soft spot for Jake, 23 — so much so, that she wouldn’t be willing to remove the tat had it stayed intact.

“And if it was on my hand, I definitely wouldn’t laser it off because it would signify a time of my life that I would always want to fondly remember,” she gushes. “Honestly, even just like looking back to the night that we got those tattoos, it was one of my favorite moments I probably ever had with Jake. So I wouldn’t change anything. Even though the tattoo’s gone, I wouldn’t laser it off if it was there.”

Jake and Tana announced they would be taking a “break” from their relationship in early January. Shortly after the announcement, the vlogger debuted his new relationship with World Series flasher and Instagram hottie Julia Rose.

Courtesy of @tanamongeau/Instagram

When the part-time boxer opened up to Life & Style about Tana in late January, he only had good things to say about their choice to split. “I think it was a weight lifted off of our shoulders when we made that decision,” he explained. “And we kind of remember where we started at which was friends.”

We stan amicable exes, y’all!