No bad blood! Tana Mongeau and ex Jake Paul are still close amid their break, the popular YouTuber exclusively tells Life & Style. “I think we’re both at a place where right now we feel like focusing on our friendship is what’s important. But at the same time, the love that I have for Jake, I’ll always have.”

After only dating for a few short months, Tana, 21, and Jake, 23, hosted an over-the-top wedding in July 2019. However, just five months later, Tana revealed in an emotional YouTube video that the couple’s relationship took a sour turn. By January, they agreed to amicably split.

Tana Mongeau Life Style Interview

“I think when you go through such a crazy year, such a crazy amount of time with someone, that love just never really goes away,” says Tana. “So, I mean, I’ll never really know what the future holds, but right now, I’m definitely just focused on myself and my life.” 

Even if the former flames have put their romantic relationship on hold, Jana shippers will be happy to know that Tana and Jake speak on a regular basis. “I think there’s always stuff for us to talk about and the way that you see something funny and you want to, like, tell your best friend or you see something funny online, you want to tell your best friend or send an Instagram post,” she explains. “We just have so many inside jokes and stuff … so that stuff never really stops. But at the same time, obviously, both of us are taking space to do us and focus on ourselves.”

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Wedding Reception

Since Tana and Jake have gone their separate ways, the MTV reality star has not only released her first-ever fragrance, Tana by Tana, but has also revealed that she’s working on her literary pursuits. “My first book is really coming together. I keep making it better and better. Really can’t wait to give you this,” the Las Vegas native tweeted on February 10. 

Clearly, Tana doesn’t need a significant other to thrive. “I think life is all about love, but I’m definitely just focused on love, especially towards myself right now,” she assures. “So yeah, ‘the single girl’ life is treating me really well.”

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