Congratulations are in order for Miss Tana Mongeau … and no, we’re not talking about her engagement to Jake Paul! In just a few short years, the Las Vegas native went from a teenage YouTuber who told stories about her wild child antics to bona fide celebrity. So much so, that Tana’s reality TV show, Tana Turns 21, has it’s very own billboard in NYC’s Times Square — a.k.a the center of the freakin’ universe.

Of course, being the humble queen that she is, Tana and her longtime BFF/photographer/ex-boyfriend Hunter Moreno totally flipped out when visiting the billboard on Monday, July 22. After all, it’s not every day you get to see your hard work pay off in such a monumental way.

Tana Mongeau, Hunter Moreno
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/Instagram

“Like, who is that dumb bitch? Oh wait, it’s f–king me!” Tana exclaims in the video. Clearly, Tana is still processing her overnight fame. However, her day one fans aren’t the least bit surprised at her success. “Tana is truly thriving right now and I couldn’t be happier for her. OMG!” one person gushed on Twitter. “Everything Tana Mongeau does is so f–king entertaining. She is the only person whose life I actually care to keep up with,” added another.

You hear that, Kardashian family? Tana is coming for your brand! We’re just kidding … mostly. *Wink.* A third tweeted, “We’ll literally watch and love anything you post,” while a fourth wrote, “I love [Tana] so much. She makes me smile when I’m sad, she brightens my life when I’m in a dark place … just her posting a video or a story on Instagram or interacting with me makes me so happy! You mean so f–king much to me, I love you so much.”

In conclusion, Tana, her career and her fanbase are thriving right now!

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