What’s mine is yours — at least, that seems to be Jake Paul‘s motto with his soon-to-be wife, Tana Mongeau. The 21-year-old MTV babe took to her Instagram Stories to share the “sweetest” engagement present from the 22-year-old former Disney star … and clearly, cash is king.

“Guys, Jake finally got me the sweetest engagement present,” Tana began in a black and white video posted on July 18, before pulling out a huge wad of cash and laughing. “It was just so thoughtful, so nice, love him. Thanks, babe.” Yeah, uh, thanks, babe. Talk about a dream man, y’all.

Jake Paul Driving

Clearly, the couple has only gotten closer and closer since they started dating back in early May. In fact, aside from apparently sharing their finances, the duo has been trusting each other in even more extreme ways.

“Where are you driving me right now?” Tana asked in another Instagram Story that followed the engagement present on July 18. “The club,” Jake replied to her as he drove. “Where are you going?” she continued, to which he replied, “Home.” Considering the blonde beauty captioned the short video “Fiancée goals,” with the hashtag “#trust,” it seems like these two have quite a mutual understanding.

On July 18, Tana even confirmed that connection in a retweet. “Ever met someone exactly like you?” the original post read. “That s—t dangerous LMAO.” The reality star added her own two cents to the post with, “*ends up engaged in a month*”

Clearly, these two are feeling each other despite the rumors the relationship is all for clout. Tana really hasn’t stopped posting about the guy and they show up in each other’s Instagram Stories and YouTube videos on the reg.

“I still get butterflies pulling up to your house two years later @jakepaul,” Tana tweeted on July 18, just after her engagement tweet. Honestly, we hope these two never shut up about each other — especially after their upcoming wedding on July 28.