Just one year after Tana Mongeau slammed VidCon, the infamous YouTuber took to her Instagram Story to thank fans after attending this year’s event.

On Sunday, July 14, the 21-year-old wrote, “There is no greater gift to me than meeting the people that support me. It’s a physical representation of everything I do and everything I love before me and there is no feeling more reassuring in the position I am in.”

Tana continued, “Hugging someone and feeling their heart race in excitement just to meet you is something floors me more and more each time. Before you even open your mouth, you know that you both think with a similar mindset. You know the person is someone who will understand you with open arms.”

Tana Mongeau thanks fans in instagram story
Courtesy of @Tanamongeau

Just last year Tana publicly accused the convention of using her name for financial gain without ever making her a Featured Creator in an hour-long video. She slammed the event for not treating their creators and attendees with the respect they deserve. Although the star of Tana Turns 21 originally received praise for her courage, she later retaliated with *dun dun dun* TanaCon. The event was meant to compete with VidCon, although it quickly turned into Fyre Festival part two. Fans were waiting in the heat for hours without water and received none of the perks they were promised. Tana later apologized to her fans for the horrific, embarrassing and cheese sandwich-esque fail.

Tana and VidCon have since made amends. In a 13-minute-long video, she explains why she decided to attend the event after last year’s boycott. “VidCon knew how important it was for me to attend as a Featured Creator, and I am so glad that this year we were able to work together to make something happen,” said the blonde bombshell. “My number one priority has always been my fans and as a Featured Creator, I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet with them on site, thank them for all their support and discuss my many new projects, including my new reality show, and doing it in a safe and comfortable environment — both for them and myself.”

Looks like VidCon went swimmingly as Tana was overwhelmed with gratitude from her fans. “You have no idea what you do for me. You keep me whole. You are my comfort, my safety blanket, my physical living breathing reminder of why I never wanna stop.”