There is a new Mrs. Paul in town, and no, we are not talking about fish sticks. In one of Jake Paul’s most recent YouTube videos, the 22-year-old and his ~fiancée~, Tana Mongeau, discussed if she would give up her infamously mispronounced last name. Turns out she’s totally down to be Mrs. Paul.

“I’ll be Tana Paul, I like the last name Paul,” said Tana, 21. “It has a ring to it,” added Jake.

Tana even has plans to change her Instagram handle to fiancé’s name. “I was actually debating if I want to pull a Hailey Bieber and secure the Instagram handle Tana Paul,” said the star of MTV’s Tana Turns 21. Although, in typical Tana fashion, her likes and verification come before romance, always. Tana will only make the switch to @tanapaul if her Insta status stays put.

The two YouTubers are known for being clout hungry, leaving many fans to believe that their engagement is just clickbait. The couple, known as Jana, have taken great lengths to convince the public that they truly are engaged and in love after only three months of dating.

Tana Mongeau Jake Paul Name

Jana was born when the blonde beauty posted a selfie in what appeared to be Jake’s bed. Since then, the couple’s “relationship” has blossomed into a series of hilarity, and honestly, we can’t look away.

On June 24, Jake proposed to Tana at her birthday party with a strawberry-kiwi Ring Pop — very kindergarten playground of the young millionaire, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

But fear none, a $125 ring from Adina’s jewelry was to follow. A practical choice for the designer-clad couple or proof that this ~engagement~ really is just for laughs? The verdict is still out on that.

In the meantime, Jana is doubling down to ensure us all that they are indeed planning to wed, even posting pics from their ~engagement~ photoshoot.

Regardless if the two make it down the aisle, it sure is fun to watch the potentially soon-to-be Paul family.