On Saturday, February 23, one very lucky couple, Alex Goldschmidt and Ross Girard, got the engagement party every love story deserves. While Alex and Ross were enjoying the festivities with their friends and family at Sycamore Tavern in L.A., an unexpected guest arrived to serenade the soon-to-be newlyweds. Her name? Taylor Swift!

Speaking with Life & Style, Alex gushed over the singer’s performance and detailed how the magical moment came to be. “I told her what she meant to Ross and my story and her publicist reached out saying she wanted to perform. We worked together to figure out the best plan,” Alex explained.

He then went on to reveal that he and Taylor, 29, actually have some history. “I met Taylor backstage at an Ed Sheeran concert years ago. It was right before she flew me out to be in the ‘Shake It Off’ video.” How amazing! We stan these longtime buds.

As for the actual performance? Well, as you can imagine, it was everything Alex and Ross could hope for … and then some. “It was all a blur. I’ve never been so happy,” Alex admitted. 

In addition to Taylor’s breathtaking performance, Alex revealed that she gifted the couple “the biggest candle” he’s ever seen from Le Labo, along with a handwritten letter.

“She told us how happy she was to play a small part in our day and to remember the good times when it gets hard and cherish those memories above all else,” Alex said. “It was beautiful. She hoped this day, along with all the other magical days to come, will be permanently etched into our memory.”

A snapshot of the letter Taylor penned to Alex and Ross.
Photo Courtesy of Alex Goldschmidt

A snapshot of the letter Taylor penned to Alex and Ross.

Sigh. Taylor is such an amazing woman and generous, too! So much so, she didn’t charge a dime for her serenade. “She did it for free,” Alex confirmed.“It was mostly just waiting to see if her schedule aligned.”

Well, we are so glad it did. This is definitely one of the most touching, feel-good stories of the year so far.

Reporting by Lindsay Hoffman