He’s not scary in real life! Jackson White may play the misunderstood villain Stephen DeMarco on Hulu‘s Tell Me Lies, but he’s nothing like his character.

“I’ve heard from so many casting people and producers, ‘Yeah, he was great, but he was way too intense.’ And I’ve never known what that means,” the actor told Esquire in September 2022 about his personality. “I’m like, I can’t really tone that down. I didn’t yell at anybody. I think I just have a vibe? I don’t know. In real life, I’m a really mushy emotional person.”

Overall, the HBO alum said he feels “really dorky and all over the place,” but thinks “my face can just scream antagonist.”

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Jackson.

Jackson White Has Famous Parents

His mom is Sons of Anarchy and Married With Children star Katey Sagal. She and ex-husband drummer Jack White the welcomed Jackson in March 1996.

“I was always the musician and my sister [Sarah Grace White] was the actor, because Mom’s the actor, Dad’s the drummer. But my mom was a musician long before she was an actor, and it was a really musical house,” Jackson told Esquire. “I grew up going back and forth between L.A. and Nashville where my dad lived in this house with a recording studio, three sets of drums, some old B3 organs, keyboards and guitars. You’d wake up to blasting music. And that was the lifestyle that I fell in love with.”

Who Is Jackson White? Hulu's 'Tell Me Lies' Star Has a Famous Family
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Are Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Dating?

Fans started to speculate that Jackson and his Tell Me Lies costar in October 2022. The actress, for her part, told E! News that she had the “biggest crush ever” on her costar.

When Jackson was asked about his relationship status, the actor echoed Grace’s sentiments.

“I have such a crush on her,” he admitted on Dear Media’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast in October 2022. “I hope that happens. I don’t know. I mean, our lives are built in together. We have so much to do together.”

Jackson White Is a Drummer

Before his acting career kicked off, Jackson followed in his father’s footsteps.

“I still feel like a smelly drummer! This is all really weird,” he said of his acting career. “Music is what I was always going to do and then somehow it just naturally went this way instead. But yeah, it’s definitely still weird making the shift.”

Jackson White’s Roles

Other than playing Steven on Tell Me Lies, he has also appeared in TV shows like The MiddleSEAL Team and Mrs. Fletcher. As for movies, fans can see Jackson as Ash Baker in SPF-18, Charlie Porter in The Space Between and Officer Zach in Ambulance.

During his Esquire profile, the actor joked that he’s “been showing my butt” in every acting gig he has booked thus far.

“It said in the script, ‘He’s naked and his butt’s out,'” Jackson shared about his first role in SPF-18. “And then, the next job I did was, ‘He’s naked and his butt’s out.’ So I really always thought that acting was showing your butt.”