Sometimes hanging with your family can be stressful. That's why we've compiled some of our favorite Thanksgiving clapback memes to help you get through your holiday season! Whether you need to a meme with the perfect tea-sipping or a meme with some subtle side-eye, we've got you covered for all holiday situations! Whether you're hosting an elaborate dinner at your own place or driving five hours to your in-laws or avoiding celebration altogether, do yourself a favor and put some humor in your life.

Feeling stressed out because your family keeps asking why you aren't married yet? Look at memes. Hiding out in the bathroom to avoid the political debate at the dinner table? Look at memes. Sneaking away with the one cousin you actually get along with? Look at memes. Look at memes. Get yourself more yams, stuffing, and turkey, change into your "fat" sweats and share these memes with your whole fam! Keep scrolling for some of our favorite Thanksgiving clapback memes — it's what the pilgrims would've wanted!