We know The Bachelor doesn’t exactly work on a nominations-basis, but we’d still like to propose The Circle star Chris Sapphire as the first gay lead. While chatting with Life & Style, the Netflix star opened up about looking for love, how to slide into his DMs and all the juicy details about his time on the show. Most importantly, though, he revealed he’s ready to find love on a whole new reality show.

“I have been single since I was 15, 16. It’s not a choice; it’s just the way life [has] come at me,” Chris, 31, told Life & Style. “Every guy I’ve ever liked has unfortunately rejected me.” And when someone has liked him, the feeling hasn’t exactly been mutual. “I guess it’s the name of the game,” he continued. “I spent all my teens, all my 20s and my 30s, so far 31, single, and I’m on Tinder. So far, no luck.” Now, he’s aiming his sights a little higher than just a dating app. “I’m telling you, I feel like I need to go on like a gay Bachelor, or somebody needs to throw me on an island,” he joked.

The Circle Star Chris Sapphire

“I’m very open to finding [love]. … Honestly, between you and me, I’ve never really been on a real date. I’ve only had one boy for my whole life, and that’s when I was in high school,” the star admitted. “Since then, honey, the well is dry. … I [had] a friend [say], ‘I took you on a date,’ but I’m like, ‘Girl … you and I just went to Spaghetti Warehouse.”

He does have a dream man, though, and that’s America’s Next Top Model judge and creative director Jay Manuel. “I’ve always had biggest crush on Jay,” Chris gushed. And the two have a lot in common. In addition to the fact that they’re both reality TV stars, they’re also both makeup artists and have impeccable senses of style. We’ll be honest: We totally ship it. But if things don’t work out with Jay, 47, the Circle star is open to other romances. If he did become the first gay Bachelor, he said his “ideal contestant” is a “man who is stuck in the ’90s musically.”

Chris Sapphire on The Circle

“I want a man who loves the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, ‘NSync, Britney, Christina, ’90s R&B. … He better love Selena, and I’m talking about Selena Quintanilla, the icon, the original, the one and only. If you love Selena, ooh, girl, that is a huge key to my heart,” he said. “I want a man that loves to sleep in, then go out. I want a man who wears jerseys, Polo boots, Timberlands, likes to have a barbecue, likes to drink margarita and take shots of Grey Goose. … He can be tall, he can be short. Give me any shade of color from the rainbow. I want someone who is cool, down to earth, relatable and fun, somebody who likes menudo and tamales.”

If that sounds like you, Chris’ Instagram DMs are wide open. And he’s got a suggestion for what message you should send. “I want him to be like, ‘Honey, I saw that crooked jaw of yours on TV, and I knew instantly that you were the one.”