She may not have won The Circle, Netflix’s reality competition show, but fans watched as Miranda Bissonnette won at least a little bit of competitor Joey Sasso‘s heart. As for whether or not that romance will continue in the real world, well, neither star is saying much. But the Californian cutie isn’t ready to rule a relationship out just yet. While chatting exclusively with Life & Style, she opened up about where they stand.

“I can’t tell the future,” Miranda, 26, told Life & Style, “but Joey and I will always be really close friends and an active inspiration in each other’s lives.”

That’s not to say that they didn’t go on the date the New York native promised his competition after she was blocked on the show. Joey told Life & Style that the two of them “have spent time together” since filming and “have hung out a lot.” But regardless of whether the hang was a date, Miranda is still glad that he won the $100,000 prize.

“[He] definitely deserved it!” she said, calling the final few moments of the show an “amazing experience.” When the cast found out, fans noticed that she was one of the first to rush the stage to congratulate him — and after Shubham Goel let go, she was the second to snag a hug. But just because she was rooting for Joey, doesn’t mean that she was throwing shade at any of her other castmates.

Miranda Hugs Joey After He Wins The Circle

“I believe anyone on the show deserved to win!” she said. “So I would’ve been happy no matter who the winner was.” She does think that those who came in later in the game had a tougher road ahead of them, though. “I think I definitely had a disadvantage coming in later [and] not as [one of] the first eight,” she explained. “The OGs build a bond that’s pretty hard to get in on!”

Though starting on day one didn’t help Alana DuvalAntonio DePina or Karyn Blanco, a.k.a. “Mercedeze,” it did help Joey, Shubham, Chris SapphireSammie Cimarelli and Seaburn Williams, a.k.a. “Rebecca,” snag the final five spots in the game. Though there wasn’t one particular alliance banding them all together, it was clear that there was plenty of love to go around. The trust was real — and that’s why everyone was shocked when “Rebecca” revealed she’d been a catfish all along. The unmasking came as just as much of a surprise to Miranda when she found out.

Miranda Bissonnette on The Circle

“My gut feeling was way off,” she admitted, revealing that her intuition had led her astray in the game. “I was shocked to find out Mercedeze was a catfish, too! I [also] really had some feeling that Shooby was catfishing, and I was clearly very wrong!”

But despite the lies, the tattooed beauty hasn’t let anybody’s strategy stand in the way of their newly-formed friendships. “I’ve kept in touch with every single one of the cast since the show,” she told Life & Style. “Some more than others, but we are all still very close!”