The Circle's Sammie Says Flirting With AYTO's Amber Is Just Fun
Courtesy of Sammie/Instagram; Courtesy of Amber Martinez/Instagram

When we caught The Circle star Sammie Cimarelli and Are You The One‘s Amber Martinez flirting on Twitter, we pretty much freaked out. We always love a good reality TV crossover — especially when it involves two total cuties. But when we reached out to the Netflix personality to get the tea, she assured us that there was nothing to get excited over just yet.

Revealing that there was “nothing really” going on, Sammie, 24, said that the playful banter was “just clean fun!” And though she and Amber, 24, may have exchanged diamond rings GIFs and emojis on the social media site, they don’t actually know each other that well. “In regard to real romance, I truly have only interacted with her through those two tweets,” she exclusively told Life & Style.

But just because they haven’t actually met doesn’t mean that they won’t. On Twitter, the AYTO season 8 star joked about coming to Miami to meet up with her new online pal. While chatting with Life & Style, she seemed to hint at the possibility that they could one day hang IRL. “I watched The Circle and instantly was drawn to her personality and not to mention her pretty face,” Amber said. “She’s someone I’ll def kick it with.”

We’re not the only ones shipping these two. “So both of my faves are linking up soon hopefully??” one fan wrote in response to their Twitter exchange. “Me waiting for you guys to hookup,” added another, sharing a gif of an eager looking Kim Kardashian leaning out of the bushes. “This is my dream couple,” a third wrote.

As fans root them on, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this couple. After all, crazier things have happened — and stars marry their celeb crushes all the time. Plus, both of these two reality personalities have a little extra pocket change to spend on flights across the country. Amber and Sammie may live in California and Florida respectively, but The Circle star scored $10,000 after being voted Fan Favorite. Earlier this year, the AYTO player snagged her share of $1,000,000 when her season correctly identified all eight perfect matches.

And since things didn’t exactly work out romantically between Amber and her match, there’s room for a new cutie in her life. As her costar Max Gentile said on Twitter, “We would have literally no other choice but to stan this ship.”