The characters on The Office always knew the perfect way to celebrate any holiday, and when it came to Halloween, their costumes were epic. After all, nobody knows how to commit to an idea quite like Jim. Nobody dresses up better than Kelly. And no one is as dedicated to proving that they’re “the fun one” as Michael. Over nine seasons and five different Halloween episodes, these characters showed off plenty of incredible costumes. Still thinking of ideas for what you want to wear this spooky season? Look no further than Dunder Mifflin for all the inspiration you need. Watch our video to check out the best Halloween costumes from The Office over the years.

It just doesn’t feel right to celebrate the spooky holiday without paying tribute to the show that had the best Halloween specials on prime time, does it? Whether they were dressing up in silly sexy outfits, paying tribute to the day’s pop culture icons, or just coming up with something seriously clever, your favorite paper company employees always knew just how to celebrate. When you blatantly steal one of their ideas — uh, we mean, perform an homage to the writers of one of TV’s best shows — you’ll be bound to win your own office’s costume contest.

And hey, if you don’t feel like borrowing one of their looks, you can always just dress up as the characters themselves. After all, one of Jim’s legendary pranks already demonstrated the perfect way to play around as Dwight. Find a short red wig and you’re Meredith in no time. And as for Toby, well, you don’t even really need any special kind of outfit. Just drone on and on all night about the Scranton Strangler until someone wants to strangle you and we’re sure you’ll get your point across just fine.