It’s pretty much impossible to watch a single episode of The Office without having an over-the-top emotional response. We laugh out loud more times than we’d like to admit — especially when we’re watching a clip at work and trying to play it cool. But what can we say? Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, and Kelly Kapoor always know just what to say. Of course, for a comedy, this show also has us in tears more than we’d like to admit. And sometimes we aren’t just tearing up — we’re openly weeping. What, like you haven’t?

Watch the video below to see seven moments that truly warmed and broke our hearts the most.

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Let’s be real, between all of the will-they-won’t-they drama (and we’re not just talking about Jim and Pam — we’re lookin’ at you, Dwight/Angela, Erin/Pete, Michael/Holly), employee comings and goings, and the occasional heart-to-heart, this show always knows just how to hit us in the feels. Our favorite parts are always just seeing The Office family come together, because no matter how much they bicker or fight or straight-up insult each other, these people love each other. And at the end of the day, we love them all too. Yes, even Creed.

creed from 'the office'

Whenever we need a good cry, we always know just what episodes to watch — and it works just as well when we need a good laugh.