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11 Hilarious Posts Michael Scott Would Share if He Had Instagram

It's hard not to love Michael Scott. He is, by far, one of the funniest characters on The Office because he has a tendency to blurt things out without thinking them through. But despite those awkward moments, we can't help but wish that he had Instagram on the show!

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Just think about it. He'd probably make a grand announcement as soon as he made his account and then call the staff into the conference room for a fun little talk about the benefits of using the app. In fact, he'd probably go as far as requiring everyone else make an account so they can follow him (and this, of course, would be music to Dwight's ears!).

A part of us wishes that this really did happen, because it would've been so intriguing to see how Michael and the other characters interacted with each other online and how it affected their workflow. But since we'll never get to see that happen, we went ahead and created a few Instagram posts that the Dunder Mifflin manager would definitely post on social media.

Check out our gallery of funny posts Michael Scott would share on his page.