Between us girls (and gays), compatibility is everything in a relationship. It informs just about all the important aspects of a coupling — from how you keep house, to how you show affection and even how you give and receive emotional labor from your partner. For one of our favorite celebrity couples, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, a few key traits in each of their zodiac signs tell a pretty sweet story about how their love has stayed so fresh in the few years they’ve been together.

Let’s start with the 36-year-old house flipper. Scott was born on March 26, which makes him a good old Aries. If you need a quick primer on the ram of the signs, let’s just say Aries is basically Mr. Disick in a nutshell: passionate and fiery with confidence and leadership strength abound. We also know Scott can be a bit impulsive at times (OK, a lot at times), which is also classic Aries behavior.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie walking in NYC and holding hands

So, we know he’s feisty. Any KUWTK episode from years past — especially during any rocky times with ex Kourtney Kardashian — will tell you Scott plays by his own rules and isn’t afraid to enforce them. But that’s where his 21-year-old girlfriend comes into the picture, y’all.

You see, Sofia, born on August 24, is a Virgo. Not only does the blonde beauty’s sun sign proves she’s humble and down-to-earth, but just watching her interact with bae or her friends makes for an excellent case. Virgos are also incredibly grounding and selfless folks to have in your life. Sofia literally just ran to BFF Kylie Jenner‘s rescue when she was sick … which is basically as selfless as it gets.

If you’re a fan of the Kar-Jenner adjacent couple, you know Sof’s altruistic nature has definitely bled into their relationship — and they’re seriously all the better for it. In fact, an insider told Life & Style exclusively how real this Aries-Virgo dynamic actually is.

“They actually laugh over people saying that they have nothing in common or she’s too immature him, because she’s the one who takes care of him!” the source told LS back in April. “Let’s not forget that before they started dating Scott was partying a lot — and you don’t see that side of him anymore.” See?

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
Denise Truscello / Getty Images for Wynn Nightlife

Over the two-plus years they’ve dated, the model has definitely grounded her boyfriend and created a home for their love via her Virgo sensibilities.  “He’s never out getting too out of control and that’s because Sofia has created a stable life for him. She loves to plan outdoor adventures for the two of them, like an early evening hike or order in sushi or go to low-key date nights and watch movies,” the insider continued. “Sofia will make sure that his house is stocked with things like toilet paper or paper towels and toothpaste. She doesn’t look at it as a job, she loves taking care of him.”

Talk about the astro compatibility ~of our dreams~. But a word of caution to any folks who turn to the zodiac to determine compatibility between themselves and their mates: it can be a double edged sword. Don’t let the stars decide it all for you, just let them be your guide. Clearly, Scott and Sofia do.