Fans should definitely think twice before posting insensitive comments on Tiffany Haddish‘s Instagram page! The 39-year-old comedian proved she’s a boss a– b–ch once again on Jan. 8, when a very rude social media troll decided that she was pregnant.

“U pregnant,” commented the hater. Not one to get hung up on criticism, Tiffany quickly clapped back, and she did it with style. “No, just getting fat,” she joked with confidence. Of course, Tiffany looks utterly perfect in the post, where she’s rocking a white gown and twirling for the camera in a fun Netflix party photo booth after the Golden Globes. By no stretch of the imagination does she look pregnant, BTW.


It didn’t take long for true fans to lash out at the body shamer. “You’re gorgeous, I look up to you girl… love your authenticity!” said one follower. Another chimed in to say, “Fat where? You look like a snack!” A third was simply appalled, writing, “WTF?! She looks beautiful. I don’t see where this comment would even come from. Are you ignorant? Are you insensitive? Are you rude? I choose D. all of the above.” Preach it!

It seems like Tiffany actually took a page out of Cardi B’s book when it comes to clapping back at haters. Back in early 2018, a fan asked Cardi if she was pregnant and she replied: “No b–ch. I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.” Of course, that might not be the best comparison, because Cardi really did end up secretly being pregnant… and secretly being married, too. Regardless, no one has a right to comment on each others’ bodies, so let’s all just be cool, k?