It’s one of the world’s worst kept secrets that Kim Kardashian has an ass to die for, but as far as how to get the same ~kurves~ yourself — well, that’s among the world’s best kept secrets. That is, until Life & Style caught up exclusively with personal trainer and MMA master Ricky Lundell, who is possibly the best person to talk about getting the perfect booty with. If you’re wondering why, get a load of this: the guy gave himself the Kim K butt after doing a 500 day squat challenge … and he learned some valuable info about gettin’ low along the way.

“The most important kind of squats if you wanna get that Kardashian booty are deep squats,” the Las Vegas based trainer explained. “You have to squat all the way to the floor. If you squat down to a chair or a bench, you only engage the front of your legs. Your hamstrings and your glutes don’t turn on until you pass the 90 degree zone. That’s a big misconception. People say ’squats build a booty,’ but now it comes down to what your definition of a squat is.”

It’s not just about the type of squat you’re doing, though. It’s also about consistency and meeting yourself where you’re at. “You gotta squat every day — if you can’t squat all the way to the floor to start, that’s OK. But what can you improve at one percent today? You can improve at the stretches required to go lower, you can just squat your body weight, you can just grab part of a desk and lean down and go as far down as you can and then come up.”

For those of you ready to hit the gym and start squatting right off the bat, Ricky has compiled a 100 day squat challenge (which you can find in his rad book One Percent Better Every Day, of course, but it’s also downloadable on his site) where you can keep track of your improvements throughout the challenge and really see your hard work pay off on paper. But don’t forget to take progress photos, too, so you can compare and see where you started from.

“Crunches may help you, yes, calf raises, they’ll help you, yes, but until you squat all the way down to the floor, you will never get what the Kardashians have going on. That’s all butt work,” he explained. “You gotta get to the floor.”

You heard the man, get squattin’ — and make it a habit, y’all. That’s the only way to Kim K.