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See What the Kardashian/Jenner Family Would Look Like With Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Introducing … Kardashian Week! In honor of the 10th anniversary of KUWTK, we’re celebrating big time at Life & Style. Check back each day this week for more fun features about your favorite reality TV family.

Sorry Khloé, but Kim Kardashian is still the queen of the big booty.. The 36-year-old has a butt that’s a force to be reckoned with — and though some of her family members have comparable backsides, they’ve got nothing on Kim. Of course, Kimmy’s derriere has been a topic of conversation for nearly a decade — and she’s gone to great lengths to prove that it’s ~au naturel~ (or that she doesn’t have implants, rather). That doesn’t rule out injections or fat transfers, which is the rumored magic ingredient for Kim’s iconic badonkadonk.

Dr. Aaron Rollins, a celebrity liposuction doctor, has said that Kim’s butt is beginning to get out of control — and that’s because she went overboard with the injections. “It’s very big, maybe too big. Fat was taken from her waist and put into her bottom. But it’s transferring problem fat to another area. Problem fat is problem fat wherever it is. It grows in the same way as it would in the place it was taken from,” he explained.

At this point, though, it’s all just hearsay, because according to Kim, she’s had no enhancements of any kind. “I’m seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have butt implants-injections. Get a life! Using pics of me 15lbs skinnier (before I had my baby) comparing to me now! I still have weight to lose,” she previously said. “Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose weight (especially the last bit of weight) and your body totally changes!”

Regardless, one thing’s for sure — the rest of the Kardashian clans’ booties don’t measure up to Kim’s. To show you just how much bigger her butt is than the rest of her family’s, we photoshopped her booty onto the other Kardashian/Jenners. Check out the gallery to see the pics.